Do you need a dedicated resource who can work with you just like your full-time employees? We can provide you experienced finance professionals in less than 50% cost of what you are paying to your other full-time employees.

Full-Time Finance Resources (Dedicated Professional Accountant)

We have access to highly skilled and qualified finance professionals, we know some of the firms wants to hire full-time employees but due to high salaries, they can’t hire the best talent.

We can hire professional accountants for you, they will directly report to you or someone in your firm, you will decide their job description and they will do the work as per your instructions.

In other words, they will work as your full-time employees, the only difference would be this that they would be sitting in our office.

And the most important thing is you will only have to pay less than 50% of what you are paying to your other full-time employees. Doesn’t it seem great?

Which Option is Better for You?

Depending on your exact situation we can advise which option is better for you. In general, if you have strong internal systems and already have full-time employees who are working in your office and can manage a new team member who is sitting somewhere else than hiring a full-time resource is a good option for you.

But if you are too small and don’t have so much time to manage and guide new employee than outsourced accounting services is best for you as you don’t have to worry about anything, we will work on the project and you will have the completed work, you can just go over it to double check that everything looks good and share it with the client.

You experience real freedom in case of outsourced accounting services as you don’t have to worry about doing the client work and you get more time to market your services and get more clients.

Below table highlights which service is better for you depending on the size of your business:

Nature of Business

Which Service is Best For You

Small Accounting Firms

Outsourced Accounting Services

Medium and Large Accounting Firms

Full-Time Finance Resources

Virtual Chief Financial Officer

Outsourced Accounting Services

Financial Modeling & Analysis Firm’s

Outsourced Accounting Services

Small Businesses

Outsourced Accounting Services

Medium & Large Businesses

Full-Time Finance Resources


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